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Letters from Family Members and Guardians

posted Feb 17, 2017, 7:00 AM by Jeremy Mosher

From a Mother:

To Whom it May Concern,

We are very pleased with this program and feel Rusty's needs are met. I feel perfectly at ease when he is with your staff and also have used respite when my husband and I travel. We are really happy about our worker and the whole team. We really recommend Skills to anyone who needs this service.

--Joan Garner Almquist

From a Mother:

My son has been under the care of Skills Unlimited for over 10 years. In that time I have had a great relationship with those care givers. I call them any time I sense a need my son has or have information about him that I think would help them with his care. They call me when problems arise for my input as his parent.

Skills' owners care very much, personally, about their clients and that carries through with the employees.

I would highly recommend Skills Unlimited to any family.

--Joann Francis  

From a Guardian:

I really enjoy using Skills Unlimited for my wards. A warm environment and staff that are like family. The agency is always coming up with fun things for their clients to do. I really appreciate them!

--Angie Casavecchia, Public Administrator

From Parents:

As the parents of a client using Skills Unlimited services, my husband and I appreciate the services they provide to our son. We especially appreciate the respect that is shown to Chuck by the staff members.

His behavior isn't always the best, but the staff realizes this is indicative of a person with special needs. Through his difficult times, the Skills staff has been willing to work with us and they have patiently helped us work through whatever problems might have incurred. Together we have managed to deal with the difficulties and we've seen some tremendous changes. So much of these changes have been due to the staff's patience and willingness to work with him at his own pace.

Chuck thinks the staff members working with him are his best friends and that's how they treat him. He is invited to their homes and has gone with them on family outings. The staff's families are special to Chuck. He calls their children his nieces and nephews and the children treat him with respect.

My husband and I travel a lot and our lives are made so much simpler by knowing the staff of Skills is taking care of Chuck. We know his needs will be attended to even when we aren't around. We feel free to call the staff when there is a need that they aren't aware of and we are comfortable knowing it will be dealt with. They are watchful that others do not take advantage of Chuck, but they still understand his need for independence. They have been willing to discuss with us any questions we have and deal with whatever problems we've had.

We have had to deal with state agencies for Chuck's care and there are time we don't agree with the agency's recommendations. The Skills staff has helped them make his plan more suited to his individual needs.

Chuck is 46-years-old, but the only way he can have any independence is by having trained staff to assist him. We appreciate the friendly, respectful manner that the Skills Unlimited staff uses when working with him.

--Lynda & Bill Bishop