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Meet Cassie

posted Feb 4, 2016, 11:15 AM by Jeremy Mosher   [ updated Apr 11, 2017, 12:58 PM ]
Cassie has lived most of her life in rural southwest Missouri.  Her mother abandoned Cassie to her great aunt and uncle when she was just a child. Cassie has cerebral palsy and her mother struggled with the responsibility of caring for a child with so many special needs.  Fortunately for Cassie, her adoptive parents raised her as their own and provided her the medical attention that she needed.

A few years ago, Cassie's family went through some very difficult days.  Both of her adoptive parents were aging and illnesses were taking a toll on the family.  Her mother lost a leg thru amputation leaving the physical responsibility of Cassie's care to her aging father.  Their small trailer home was not equipped to adequately accommodate 2 large wheelchairs nor were there private restroom accommodations.  It became increasingly difficult for Cassie to be able to leave the house - it was extremely hard on her father to lift Cassie by himself into the truck and to load her wheelchair.  Doctor's appointments seem to be the only time Cassie was able to get out the house.  

As a result of all of these changes and with the advanced age of her parents, Cassie and her family began to think about the options available to Cassie for her future care.  That is where Skills Unlimited, Inc. entered the picture.  They were first provided Personal Care Attendant (PCA) services by Skills in their home and even though it helped, their home was just not properly set up to meet Cassie's needs.  So the next step in Cassie's journey found her qualified for group home living.  Once an opening at Skills became available, Cassie left her childhood home and moved into the Skills Unlimited Joplin group home.  Several years later, Cassie was approved to move into an Individualized Supported Living (ISL) environment of her own.  Finding a compatible roommate took a while, but finally Cassie was able to find a roommate that clicked.  They have moved into a brand new house built specifically for Cassie with wider doors and a private handicap accessible bathroom.  Cassie gets along so well with her new roommate and her family; they have taken her in as part of their family.  She is able to go places for enjoyment and is making new friends in the community.  She is beginning to not only experience life but also enjoy it.

Cassie's future goal is to write her story.  She wants to share her trials so that others with cerebral palsy will know that there is hope despite their disabilities.  She wants to share her story of the love that her adoptive parents gave to her and teach others how her faith in God sustained her through the rejection of her birth mother and the death of her adoptive parents.