Our Care

Residential Group Homes

These homes provide community living arrangements with up to six individuals supported by trained staff with 24 hour care and skilled nurse oversight. The homes controlled by Skills Unlimited are clean and comfortable with adaptations for those with high medical needs or limited mobility. Safety precautions are on site such as integrated fire alarms and backup power generators. Diets are specialized by a service developed for residential care to ensure a variety of healthy, well rounded meals. Assistance with community outings and medical appointments are provided in wheelchair accessible vans.

Individualized Supported Living

Individuals live in homes of their own choosing and are provided up to twenty-four-hour trained staffing. Skilled nurse oversight is also provided with options for level of support and supervision to meet the individual's needs.

Community Networking

Community Networking (CN) provides guidance for social skills development by participating in social activities and community events. This service was formerly called Community Integration.

Personal Care Assistance

Personal Care Assistance (PA) individuals are provided in-home services, transportation, and assistance for one-on-one or group training and support. Participation includes local community events as well as classes and activities Skills offers. These services are limited, not provided 24 hours a day.

Respite Care

Temporary care provided by trained, qualified personnel, on a regular or intermittent basis to provide caregiver relief.